Popular Combinations in Laravel

Popular Combinations in Laravel

The power of two frameworks unleashes the potential for building stunning web applications. Let us discuss the best laravel combinations ideal for yielding great results.

1. Laravel and Vuejs

Complimenting Laravel and Vue js for your app development can take your project to the next level. Laravel+Vuejs can fetch you the extra advantages of both frameworks combined.

Laravel can make the development process easier by automating peculiar activities such as authentication, navigation, sessions, and cache. On the other hand, Vue.JS may offer a richer and more engaging experience. Here are the top 3 benefits of using the combination of Laravel and Vuejs

a) Frontend is King: VueJS allows Laravel developers to create frontends without reloading the pages every time the application is updated. b) Effective for Update Handling: The virtual DOM in Vuejs assists in instantly responding to pages, and the web performance is unaffected, even if there is an increase in load. c) Rapid Learning Curve: The seamless integration of Laravel with Vue can easily be learned, and this combination does wonders during app development.

2. Laravel and Angular

Application development becomes relatively easier when Laravel and AngularJS are combined. There is a relief in making the effort of page loading for progress tracking.

  • Enhanced performance: The collaborative effect of AngularJS with Laravel results in quicker performance because when you ajax back to the server, there is no need to load the entire page. Rather, just the parts needed.
  • More Responsive: AngularJS and Laravel collectively impact the responsiveness of the application by delivering quick feedback to the user. For instance, while the user fills a form, a developer can check if the user’s input validates and immediately provide feedback.
  • Easy development: The restful nature of Angular for the frontend and Laravel for the backend makes it one of the most prominent combinations to use. Majorly, because of JSON, tasks like mobile app development become easier since the back-end would only produce and consume data in JSON form.

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