5 Best Laravel Ecosystem to Scale Web Applications

5 Best Laravel Ecosystem to Scale Web Applications

1. Laravel Vapor

Vapor is a serverless framework that is powered by AWS. You can manage your entire Laravel application infrastructure from this robust platform. Some unique features of Laravel Vapor are as under.

  • Collaboration: Build your teams and organize your project with others. The collaboration feature of Vapor makes it stand out from others.
  • Quick Rollbacks: Don’t worry if you made a mistake. Developers can rollback their entire application if they wish. Moreover, you can also undo the environment variables. Isn’t that great?
  • Pipeline friendly: You may install the Vapor CLI into your project, and deploy your app directly from the CI pipe when needed.
  • Databases: Vapor’s intuitive dashboard enables you to create and manage your traditional serverless database. Developers are also allowed to rearrange and reallocate their databases.
  • Cloud Storage: Developers can stream their file uploads directly to the cloud using in-built Javascript utilities provided by Laravel Vapor. Caches: You need not trouble to deal with ElastiCache Redis clusters as Vapor can scale your cache.
  • CloudFront CDN: Vapor hosts the fastest load-times. Laravel Vapor automatically uploads your data via cloud platforms like S3 or CloudFront during deployment.
  • Metrics: This one is the most efficient feature of Vapor. Developers can track their app’s health by monitoring parameters of their database, app, cache, and more.

2. Laravel Nova

A sleek, single-page admin panel for Laravel that is built on Vue.js is Laravel Nova. Nova is customizable, and it looks trendy and impressive. The top highlighting features of Laravel Nova are as mentioned below.

  • Resource Management: You can integrate your models to the dashboard using this feature of Nova. It backs up eloquent relations and pivot tables.
  • Metrics: Another novel feature of Nova is that you can track the metrics of your app, generate graphs, and get help for queries. Actions: Nova handles all the extended operations in a queue. So, you need not worry about time, as your admin panel will remain clean. Custom Tools: Your custom tools are staged well by the CLI generators of Laravel Nova.
  • Filters: Show segments of your data to your users by writing custom filters. Nova provides ‘soft-deleted’ resources and built-in filters. Authorization: Nova integrates well with the existing Laravel authorization policies. It also protects your project’s tools, relationships, actions, and fields.
  • Lenses: Developers can add lenses to their resources to take in-charge of the entire eloquent query.
  • Scout Search Integration: As you link your admin panel with Laravel Scout, it produces exhaustive speed. Cloud and Algolia empower the Scout Search integration with Nova.
  • Custom Fields: Developers can create their custom fields with Laravel Nova CLI and take full control over its implementation and design.

3. Laravel Forge

Forge is the best tool for server deployment and configuration. One can deploy limitless PHP applications automatically on Laravel Forge. we have assembled the ardent features and functionalities of Laravel Forge.

  • Free SSL Certificates: You can obtain free SSL certificates for your Laravel Forge applications as you can integrate them with LetsEncrypt.
  • Secure: All the Forge servers use SSH key authentication compulsorily. Hence, your app gets all the security updates and installs by default.
  • Simple Queues: You no more need to configure and manage your App with manual supervision. With Laravel Forge, you get the supervised Queue workers.
  • Collaborate: Share your servers and dashboards with your co-workers with the Plus plan of Forge.
  • Push to Deploy: Code deployment on GitHub, Bitbucket, or Git repository is just a click away. Developers have the ease of implementation.

4. Laravel Lumen

Lumen is the fastest framework of Laravel as it is built for microservices. Developers yield lightning-fast APIs and microservices with Lumen. We have described its extraordinary features here.

  • Speed: Lumen handles 1900 requests per second, which makes it the fastest of all micro-frameworks. The Laravel programmers can write superfast services effortlessly and attain support for their applications.
  • Convenience: Laravel Lumen has got everything for you in one place. It is a fair deal of satisfaction between power and speed. Developers can use queues, eloquent, middleware, caching, routing, validation, and service containers.

5. Laravel Horizon

Horizon has got a code-driven configuration and an impressive dashboard. Developers can quickly examine their queue matrix, monitor job failures, job throughput, and runtime using Horizon.

  • Metrics: Laravel Horizon comes with a dashboard to track your app metrics. Developers can get information about their queues, jobs, wait times, and throughput.
  • Tags: Developers get a useful feature of attaching tags to different jobs like notifications, event broadcasts, mailings, etc. Moreover, it sensibly tags most of the jobs based on your eloquent models.

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