Parcels management system

What does it offer?

The electronic parcel management system is the appropriate solution for transport companies that undertake the transport of parcels. It concerns large and small parcels, as well as remittances.

Parcel registration and

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How it works?

During the initialization of the system, all the data necessary for its operation like itineraries, vehicles, etc. is entered. At the same time, during its operation, the correlation of the additional data added to the system, which pertains to the customers, to the parcels and their type is being carried out . In this way, the system’s administrator can quickly and efficiently perform in the backend all the required actions related to their management and preparation for sending. The system gives the administrator the following possibilities:

  • creating a parcel shipment
  • barcode generation
  • import of various number of parcels and dynamic barcode generation (for large parcels)
  • parcel label creation & printing
  • parcel status display
  • displaying parcel list by category, by route, by vehicle
  • service charge
  • issuance of shipping slip and payment by credit card

The parcels management can be carried out by the user of the electronic system via a desktop computer, while a thermal printer is required to print the labels. In case of more than one transport point, or a change of means of transport during a shipment, a barcode scanning device is required, so that the change of state of the parcel is carried out and the point at which it is, is recorded.



  • JAVA
  • SQL

Significant Facts

  • Over 1 Million Records
  • 250+ Active Users
  • 200k Tickets
  • 150k Parcels
  • 100+ Vehicles

Relevant to

Laravel , Data Analysis , B2C Platform, Bus Management System


Integrate with:

  • electronic banking payment systems
  • economic state systems
  • sms platforms
  • third party crm & erp systems etc

The system has a modern API for its interconnection with any third-party system with full documentation.