Electronic passenger reservation & ticketing system

What does it offer?

The electronic system for booking seats and issuing passenger tickets is the most suitable solution for the better management and service of the passenger public in all branches of passenger transport. It is used for the complete control and recording of an entity’s reservations, whether they come from physical points (agencies) or from the online reservation system.

Easier reservations management

Fullness of itineraries check

Complete error elimination

Special prices application


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How it works?

During the initialization of the system, the data and information related to the boarding – disembarking stations, the scheduled routes and the vehicles that perform them, the available seats for reservation and the financial data (travel fare) are entered. The financial consideration can be adjusted according to the number of reservations, the type of transition and other properties chosen by the administrator such as the age of the passenger. The system administrator has the ability to make reservations, cancellations as well as transfers of reservations to other dates. Reservations are made using the top view of the respective vehicle so that the available seats are distinct and can be one-way, round-trip with a specific date and round-trip with an open date. The process of issuing tickets by the user of the system is carried out using computers (touch or not) and thermal printers (with regard to issuing the ticket) as follows:

  • transition type selection (simple transition, closed return, open return)
  • selection of departure and arrival points
  • choice of departure date
  • type and number of passengers selection
  • route selection
  • selection of seats in the vehicle using the top view
  • passenger details registration
  • issuing and paying ticket price by using a credit card



  • JAVA
  • SQL

Significant Facts / Year

  • Over 1 Million Records
  • 250+ Active Users
  • 200k Tickets
  • 150k Parcels
  • 100+ Vehicles

Relevant to

Laravel , Data Analysis , B2C Platform, Bus Management System


Integrate with:

  • evotransport system
  • evoe-ticket system
  • electronic banking payment systems
  • economic state systems
  • sms platforms
  • third party crm & erp systems etc

The system has a modern API for its interconnection with any third-party system with full documentation.