News Portal

News Portal

For more than 15 years, we have acquired in-depth expertise in creating news websites specially designed for the media: web portals for radio stations, TV channels, magazines and online newspapers.

We design and develop web portals with a personalized design. Whether thematic or generalist, your website will respond perfectly to the editorial line of your media, engage your listeners and simplify their experience. We are experienced and holds specialization in designing the website as per your topics or content and create many dynamic sections and categories for each topic. Your website will be completely dynamic and you will be able to edit your news portal and it will automatically show on the homepage of your website.

The main CMS Characteristic’s

Powerful and Intuitive

The CMS we use in news portals supports a variety of content types such as articles, events, podcasts, videos and more. Each type of content has a specific management interface to ensure exceptional ease of use and personalized rendering.

Attractive and Simple User Interface

Easy to Maintain & Support

The News Portal made by Darwin is very easy to maintain and support. It will be customizable so you can edit and change at anytime anything you want.

Responsive News Portal Design

A highly responsive design make your news portal to look nice and attractive on the screens of any device from mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Advertisements and Banners

One of the most important things in news portal development is to put advertisements in the right part and position of your website.

User Friendly Control Panel

The admin control panel will be your best friend. In there the whole control is under you. You are able to manage anything and see your portal news performance.

Latest Breaking News

Another distinctive feature of a premium news portal. Latest breaking news and updates are powerful enough for keeping your news portal dragging readers all day.

Social Media Integration

News spread more on social media sites than news portals. With social media integration, your news portal can reach a very big audience shortly.

Push Notifications

Everybody wants to receive the main news at the right time without having to visit a news portal every hour. Push Notifications is the way to keep readers updated about what is going on around them.

Role-Based Functionalities

Our CMS supports Multilevel Role-Based functionalities for users. Every user has a specific role. The roles refers to the levels of access that employees have to the network.

Newsletter Subscription

This is the way to collect your readers email and create a unique mailing list to send them breaking news from the news portal.



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