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About Us

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We help our clients grow with cutting-edging technologies, extravagant designs, and innovative software solutions.

510+ completed projects

During 15 years, the company has been growing, enhancing performance and extending the list of customers. We’ve implemented more than 510 completed projects, that means more than 400 customers have chosen us. These were different orders for small and big projects, and we coped with all the challenges successfully.

Darwin’s activity aims at developing high-quality products along with meeting customers’ needs and requirements with regard to the state-of-the-art technologies.

15 years of effective work

Our custom software development company was founded in 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece and now also has a Sales office in Athens. Our name is inspired by Charles Darwin, founder of the theory of evolution. At Darwin, diverse and innovative ideas, creative thinking combined with consistency and flawless execution, give the company the elements that rank it among the fastest growing companies in the industry, having already consolidated its position in the wider market by implementing important projects. With consistency and responsibility we build a relationship of trust and excellent cooperation.

Team of Professionals

Our team guides you through every stage of the project. We transform your idea into a scalable and innovative platform, ensuring that your technology adds value to your users’ experience, while being aligned with your overall business plans and objectives.

Satisfied Clients in Different Sectors and Countries

We have developed projects in different sectors. Our main priority is customer satisfaction and the improvement of their business processes. the way projects are developed and managed allows us to have clients anywhere in the world.

Discovery & Analysis

A qualified team of system-analysts and consultants observes your current solutions, discovers key problems and opportunities for improvement, and develops a roadmap based on your business needs.

Development & Testing

Qualified developers with niche expertise develop, test, and deliver a turnkey solution for your enterprise.

Implementation & Support

Darwin aids you in implementing the new software into your daily business operations and provides thorough support and maintenance of your software.

Our team


Our team of 15 people mixes together all of the ingredients we believe are required for a successful software development company. We have highly talented, energetic software developers, architects and testers, all recruited through a rigorous process. Analytical minds that can understand the nuances of our customer’s businesses, the methodical project managers and designers, driven management with a focus for quality and delivery, and the innovators that transform the way we look at things.

UI/UX Designers

Our design team uses the latest design techniques to develop modern, eye-catching and fluid user interfaces for products on all platforms. Great customer experiences drive higher user engagement, conversion rates, and retention.

Εxperienced Developers

Web and mobile software developers have strong skills in creating products and developing custom software solutions using such technologies as .NET, PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL, Swift, Objective-C, NativeScript, React.Native and others.

Project Managers

The Agile Project Manager (APM) is responsible for planning, leading, organizing, and motivating Agile project teams. The goals are to: Achieve a high level of performance and quality, and. Deliver agile projects that provide exceptional business value to users.

QA & Testing

Our QA department’s thorough work results in reliable, user-friendly software. We offer both manual and automated software testing as well as a ready-made framework, which allows organising automated software testing from scratch rapidly.

How it works



We will ask you to describe to us your project and the task you would like to start the collaboration with.



Our team discuss the project with your team to evaluate the key features of the product and give it a real shape, aligning the product with business goals.



We build products with the highest user engagement, solving real problems and infusing business growth. Our products are designed to stimulate desired user behaviors.



We write bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms.



We take Quality Assurance very seriously. Each project we take on, goes through numerous iterations of testing to ensure smooth performance, user friendliness and bulletproof security.



Once the Software is built, tested and approved by the client, we will take it live. However, deploying software is not the end of the road. Instead, our Team will ensure the solution corresponds with user expectations, often called User Acceptance Testing.



Finally, after the new software is live and working properly, Darwin also offers long-term maintenance services. These include cybersecurity, troubleshooting, operating system updates, feature and design improvement and more.

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