Telemetry Solutions

On-site collection and automatic transmission of metrics & data
Collect the data you are interested in at remote locations!

What is Smart Metering?

Telemetry is the on site collection of measurements or other data at remote points and their automatic transmission to receiving equipment (telecommunication) for monitoring. The word is derived from the Greek roots tele, “remote”, and metron, “measure”.

Key features and benefits include: 

  • Wireless connection , ultra-low power consumption, set up in minutes
  • Real time measurements anywhere in the world with cellular signal
  • Accessibility from mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • Receive critical alerts via text message or email
  • Collection of valuable information such as usage history, current trend levels and future trend predictions
  • Avoid run outs

We have an experienced team who work across a number of  industries including water, gas, transport and lots more besides

Water Management

Telemetry is important in water management, including water quality and stream gauging functions. Major applications include AMR (automatic meter reading), groundwater monitoring, leak detection in distribution pipelines and equipment surveillance. Having data available in almost real time allows quick reactions to events in the field. Telemetry control allows engineers to intervene with assets such as pumps and by remotely switching pumps on or off depending on the circumstances. Watershed telemetry is an excellent strategy of how to implement a water management system.

Smart Gas Metering

With smart gas meters, gas companies can remotely monitor customers’ consumption, manage their operations efficiently, and invoice customers accurately. Gas supply can be switched on and off using smart meters equipped with a remotely controlled valve. Smart gas meters rely on low-voltage battery power to extend operational life and avoid ignition hazards. Gas flow is measured with ultrasonic or electromagnetic technologies. Low-power, long-range wireless connectivity is key for efficient remote operation.



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