Benefits of Using Laravel for eCommerce in 2022

Benefits of Using Laravel for eCommerce in 2022

When enterprises want to switch over to Laravel framework from their older framework, it is quite simple to do so. The enterprises can avail themselves its wide range of development services. Some of these services include design, business, and eCommerce solutions. It also offers integration and customization services.

1. Matchless Data Security

Any eCommerce website’s top priority is to give its users robust security. Multiple payment gateways and storage of sensitive consumer data make it mandatory for them to create the applications that provide the highest safety and security. The use of Laravel for eCommerce provides the highest data security.

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM system and its pre-installed object-oriented libraries enable the developers to use the PHP code directly. They do not need to use comparatively vulnerable SQL files. XSS and SQL injections are specialized security tools developers can use to protect the code.

With this, the developers can create encrypted passwords using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. This makes the code safer and provides robust protection against data loss and other cyber fraud.

Laravel’s automated system gives it a robust architecture that puts safety first by combining risks, controls, and usability as needed by the enterprise.

2. Laravel eCommerce Pricing

When enterprises are set to develop web applications, they also need to consider the cost factor. Laravel comes across as the most cost-effective framework due to its self-sufficiency. It has no dependency on third-party resources and other apps to facilitate unique features.

Developers can create and deploy web applications with zero downtime. It also facilitates customized deployments across various servers. This indeed saves a lot of time and money, making it one of the most affordable frameworks for enterprises.

3. Flexible Development Cycles

Laravel lets the developers design the websites without any inhibitions. They have absolute freedom and flexibility to create a website that offers an unparalleled experience to the end-users. And this is made possible through its flexible development cycles.

These cycles offer:

• The newest features of Object-oriented programming (OOP)
• Pre-installed OOP libraries
• Comand-line tool Artisan
• Templating engine blade
• Eloquent CRM for object-related mapper
• Library manager composer
• MVC architecture
• Finely organized and easily understandable documentation

4. Scalability

Any mature enterprise does have scalability as one of its visions. There is hardly any business that does not aspire to scale its business or the product. In order to do so, it requires applications that too are equally scalable.

Laravel has the capacity to enable the developers to create a full eCommerce platform as well as a functional B2B website. Its comprehensive pre-installed libraries help developers create a wider range of advanced features such as password reset and encryption.

It also offers third-party packages that help develop a website with various functionalities. For example, if the developers exploit Laravel Socialite in developing a website, users can sign in with their social media accounts. The use of this package removes all the complexities involved in social authentication and boilerplate code, creating a fluent and expressive interface, and yielding better customer satisfaction, undoubtedly.

Laravel offers impeccable scalability to enterprises as it has incredible scalable tools. These scalable tools are efficient enough to accommodate all kinds of unique or specialized needs of various types of websites.

5. Access to In-built Packages

The open secret of Laravel framework is that its PHP framework offers a great variety of packages. These packages make the development process quite simpler and faster. Laravel for eCommerce offers two types of packages: independent and specific.

Laravel packages:

• Provide protection against cyber attacks
• Provide authentication and authorizations
• Bring speed and scalability
• Provide template engines and migration system databases
• Are Efficient enough to create on-demand responses
• Promote better online store performance
• Facilitate seamless third-party integration, data protection
• Facilitate pragmatic development cycles
• Offer unit testing that makes website maintenance easier
• Save time and money as they are easier to use
• Cost-effective and self-sufficient
• Have no third-party dependence

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