Why You Should Choose Laravel for Custom eCommerce Website Development

Why You Should Choose Laravel for Custom eCommerce Website Development

The preference for online shopping has led to supply chain disruptions, including the closure of physical stores. Apart from maintaining social distance due to the deadly virus, other reasons make eCommerce a favorite for both buyers and sellers. They are:

  • Easy access
  • Lower price
  • Saves time and money as the end-users do not have to take the trouble to explore the market for what they want.

While this has created so many unexpected avenues for growth, it is also a great challenge for businesses to create robust websites that provide a seamless experience to the end-users. It is here that Laravel for eCommerce plays a crucial role in developing user-friendly eCommerce websites.

Laravel provides clean code structure, great scalability, and superior performance optimization for all the categories of web applications. Laravel framework utilizes optimized security mechanisms to safeguard online stores from malicious attacks and malware.

The eCommerce industry holds a $22.1 trillion financial market share, where smooth business operations, fast loading times, and high-performance play key roles. Laravel framework fulfills all these criteria and becomes the first and foremost choice of product owners to build eCommerce web app using Laravel.

Features That Make Laravel Good for eCommerce

The fact that there are around 450,000 live eCommerce websites in the world developed using Laravel framework speaks volumes of its “goodness.” Its brilliant ecosystem, cashing, testing, data security, and flexibility to create cross-platform applications make it the most reliable framework for eCommerce.

Following are some other interesting features that make developers choose Laravel as their favorite framework:

User-friendly PHP framework
• Simple to understand and quite pragmatic
• Clean code
• Detailed and easily understandable documentation
• Reliable community support
• Built-in libraries that are created using object-oriented programming techniques
• Kits that make security management and customization of the process template smoother and easier
• Free of cost, ready-made packages that provide high scalability; autonomous operation; and omnichannel support.
• High-level online web security
• Simple APIs that can facilitate seamless third-party integration. Laravel e-commerce APIs integrate well with payment services as well as any other third-party system that is required.
• Availability of plugins and design themes makes different development cycles smooth and effortless
• It is brilliant in optimizing performance with its incredible support for cache back ends and extra coaching configuration options.
• Simplified database indexing and memory usage reduction
• Simplified speed optimization strategies
• The MVC design pattern makes it possible to separate logic and presentation, resulting in better performance and greater consumer satisfaction.
• SEO-friendly CMS
• Simple unit testing and debugging
• Ease of maintenance
• Efficient development cycles

All of these features, the functionalities that they provide make Laravel one of the most loved frameworks for eCommerce. It would be interesting to explore the benefits that the enterprises and the end-users get when they access applications using Laravel framework.

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