Why do we use Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Why do we use Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Laravel offers plenty of security features that allow you to reduce the Laravel vulnerabilities in the application. Another reason for choosing Laravel amongst all the PHP frameworks is that it can easily integrate with a valid token form or an AJAX call.

It keeps its Cachet as the best PHP framework because of its functionality, clarity, and simplicity. It is possible because of a caching system in Laravel that stores numerous cached items to develop applications promptly.

Also, Laravel can personalize web applications with flawless syntax and best coding practices for organizations around the globe. It reduces the development time and also helps in higher coding efficiency.

Well you may now ask – is Laravel reliable? Here are 9 reasons to use Laravel. Laravel is the most reliable PHP framework for Web Development in 2022.

Laravel Benefits

1. High-end Security Terms

Laravel is one of those frameworks that integrates SQL injection to strongarm the website, protecting all data. Sometimes there are uncertainties in the market amongst the decision makers – is Laravel secure?

Website security is of paramount importance. Irrespective of what you do and your business, every website stores data related to customers’ details. It is essential to have a security mechanism in place to protect your website and safeguard your customer’s data against leaks and hacks. Any website that comprises data security will soon run out of the race.

2. Exceptional Performance

With Laravel, you will never have to worry about the website’s speed. Equipped with tons of features and out-of-box functionalities, It helps take your business to the next level. Tools, such as Redis and Memcached, help improve Laravel application performance, enhancing the overall productivity and usability of your web and mobile app.

For new businesses to survive the digital race, it is essential to focus on the speed and performance of the website. Since they have just stepped in, delays in page load speed might be the reason behind low conversion rates. Once again, the choice of framework is important as it determines how fast the page loads or the website’s response time.

3. Laravel Popularity

No matter how efficient your website is or how diligently you have deployed the site, it is bound to experience technical issues. Now, considering that your website or application development process is stuck at one point, you would not want to restructure the entire website, just to get a solution, right?

Laravel is one of the best PHP development frameworks, it has a huge community with thousands of developers holding tremendous expertise in the framework. Laravel happens to be highly popular among web developers worldwide.

4. Multilingual Capabilities

Another fascinating aspect that helps Laravel stand out in the crowd of other PHP development frameworks is its multilingual support. This implies that developers can create compelling applications in multiple languages. Laravel gives them the ease of reaching out to a wider audience and exploring untouched territories.

Using the Laravel PHP framework for website development, developers can build robust applications in any language of their choice. This improves their online visibility allowing them to boost sales and increase revenue.

5. Community Support

Ranked as one of the best website development frameworks, Laravel has a huge team of developers and experts ready to help. Whether a developer is facing issues with a certain feature or wishes to build one from scratch, the team will always be of help. They provide suggestions or clarify doubts and actively solve the problem.

6. Inexpensive

One of the most relieving aspects of this open-source framework is that it doesn’t add to your cart! You don’t need to pay for using Laravel. Also, it plays a significant role in making it easy for building & maintaining user-friendly applications.

Moreover, you get an inbuilt Laravel App development project environment that streamlines processes for the developers.

7. Reduced Time To Market

With increasing popularity, the competition also increases. And in the digital world, even a second matters. When you decide to go live with your business, it is not just about how good is the developed website but also help fast is the website launched.

Laravel has inbuilt tools and several functions that can be directly embedded within the website during the development process. This, as a matter of fact, reduces the overall time taken to build the website.

In addition to the above, Laravel follows an MVC architecture, which in itself is the best and the most organized way to develop a website. The lesser the time is taken to deploy a website, the faster is its integration. As a result, this lays an impact on the total revenue of the business.

8. Enhances Traffic Management

Laravel is adept in creating websites that are robust, feature-rich and scalable. All of this adds up to the interaction a user has with the website. When customers are satisfied with their engagement, the likelihood to promote the same is more, and with this, the overall traffic experienced by the website dramatically increases.

As a common fact, when a website witnesses higher traffic, more than what it is entitled to, it crashed. This affects the online visibility and website search engine rankings. However, this is not the case with Laravel websites.

It appears that managing and controlling website traffic for a Laravel based website is easy and does not require much effort. Laravel is extremely fast and even when the traffic increases, the website still manages to adhere to the customer’s requests, execute and answer back seamlessly.

9. A Wide Range of Libraries and Configurations

The Laravel PHP framework has the potential to support many environments during web development. The authorization created by libraries within this platform assists compatibility for the software to seamlessly adjust on the app platform.

There are 20 different libraries in Laravel, composed of various modules. This web app framework sticks to the modern PHP principles to facilitate a responsive and user-friendly environment.

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