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KTEL Thessaloniki SA is one of the largest passenger transportation companies in Greece, which offers high-level transport services. With continuous development of its services, renewal of the fleet and equipment of its vehicles and with continuous training of its staff, it serves reliability and safely the public that trusts its lines. Its fleet currently numbers 196 buses.

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The redesign of the online platform of KTEL Thessaloniki SA with the aim of creating an elegant and user friendly browsing environment for users, worthy of the company’s history and quality.


Due to its age, the layout of ktelthes.gr was not consistent with modern design trends in terms of its appearance and did not meet the requirements of readers for a pleasant, easy-to-use and understandable browsing environment.

The challenge for our company was the total redesign of the platform, with the aim of the correct and distinct categorization of the sections and the better highlighting of the company’s content and services, the display of announcements, the addition and highlighting of new sections such as competitions , offers and FAQs.


To achieve the above goal, the new online platform was designed with the logic of one click visit so as to enable the user to obtain all the necessary information he needs from the home page. The use of multimedia material (photos, video in parallax), the addition of a Slideshow, the graphic editing (designing icons and banners) serve the above purpose and at the same time create an environment of high aesthetics.

The KTEL Thessaloniki SA platform was designed and built entirely from scratch (custom design), without relying on any pre-existing template. The development of the eshop was implemented following the trends of modern design so as to offer the visitor an easy and comprehensible browsing, combining it with the best possible presentation of services and information.

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Every business needs a mobile app. There’s no doubt about it. More importantly, what they need is an app that functions flawlessly. That’s something we can deliver, whether for iOS, Android, or both platforms.


The reconstruction of platform resulted in:

  • Increasing platform traffic by 15%
  • 20% increase in online ticket purchases
  • Increasing passenger traffic by 9%
  • Strengthening the credibility of the company
Increasing traffic
Enhancing reliability
Increasing online ticket purchases

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