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M18 is a neoclassical building, found in the ultimate Athenian location, inside the garden of the Acropolis. With its fully serviced apartments, premium interiors, and unbeatable location, M18 offers a boutique hotel experience at a more intimate and personalized scale. Situated right in the garden of the Acropolis Museum, almost touching the landmark building, the house offers breathtaking views of the Acropolis and other recognizable landmarks of the city’s skyline.

About the Project

The aim of this project was to create a website in order to highlight the finesse and historicity of the recently renovated neoclassical building that is available to rent and which is located in the historic area of ancient Athens.


The new, full responsive website focuses on structure, functionality and visual appeal. Using raw multimedia material from our client, we have created an understandable structure that gradually presents to the user, as he browses, all the information about the hotel, the rooms, and the services provided.

During the implementation of the website we used  typography and several graphic icons in order to achieve the difference in the design and give the maximum emphasis to the hotels room and aesthetics. The website was curated by Design Ambassador designed by P-SO and developed by our company.

Content Presentation

The units are presented in a friendly way giving the guests the opportunity to be informed about all the features that may interest them, while the combination of text and images gives a complete picture of the historic neoclassical.

Responsive Design

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The website was built based on the techniques of Responsive Web Design and mobile first web design. Responsive design allows visitors to effectively view a website from any device they use for their browsing. The design and orientation of the elements are being moved and changed so that they are displayed correctly on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Images and content shrink and fit from three columns to two, and finally to a content column as the website automatically recognizes the screen resolution used by the visitor.

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