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Responsive Design
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The Publishing House “Papadopoulos Publications” was founded in 1953. For more than 65 years it has been publishing high quality and aesthetic children’s books by Greek and foreign authors.

About the Project

We redesigned and reconstructed the eshop achieving brand new and stylish result in order to create a pleasurable, easy to use and user friendly browsing enviroment.


The new, full responsive website focuses on structure, functionality and visual appeal. Using raw multimedia material from our client, we have created an understandable structure that gradually presents to the user, as he browses, all the information provided about the books.

Search Engine with filters

The use of a number of search filters such as price, size, category enables the users to search easily and quickly find products with the features that interest them, and also receive accurate information about each one.

Product Presentation

The product is presented in a friendly way giving the customer the opportunity to be informed for all the features that may interest him, while the combination of text and images gives the visitor a complete picture of the product he intends to buy.

One Page check out

To avoid the complicated and often incomprehensible ordering process, we created a simple to use, order completion form in the logic of one page check out. In this way, the user will be able through a single page (one click), without complicated procedures and many steps to complete the order by filling in his personal details and his preference in terms of payment and shipping. Our experience in the management and promotion of online stores has shown that it is necessary to offer the customer the ability to complete his order without the need to register.

Responsive Design

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The eshop was built based on the techniques of Responsive Web Design and Mobile First Web Design. Responsive design allows visitors to effectively view a website from any device they use for their browsing. The design and orientation of the elements are moved and changed so that they are displayed correctly on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smatrphone. Images and content, shrink and fit from three columns to two and finally to a content column as the eshop automatically recognizes the screen resolution used by the visitor.

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